StubHub | The Gift Rapper
How do we turn tickets to a live event into the ultimate holiday gift? We gift wrap them in a way no one would expect: with a rap! The Gift Rapper lets customers wrap their tickets with a custom track, written and performed by the legendary Los Angeles MC Murs. To bring the idea to life, Murs had the help of an unusual composer - an AI machine. The AI optimized the writing process, and together, they accomplished what was humanly impossible: they created thousands of custom raps. Because a gift is not a gift until it's rapped! Check it out:

StubHub | The Gift Rapper - Website Animatic

StubHub | The Gift Rapper - Gift "Rapped"

FWA of the Day

To promote the Gift Rapper, we partnered with Rev Run from Run DMC to surprise costumers in the StubHub flagship store in Times Square.

Each customized rap comes with a customized video (Sports, Basketball, Football, Music, Theater). Here’s a collage of all genres:

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